Prac Crit

Practical Criticism is basically just thinking intelligently about things.

It’s my intention in this blog to try to think intelligently about modern life and, in doing so, become more aware of what’s going on, why, and what it’s got to do with me.

The idea came from Cambridge scholar I. A. Richards who invented Practical Criticism in his 1929 book called . . . Practical Criticism!

He gave his students poems completely taken out of context – with no title, author, or date provided – to gauge their ability at analysing the actual functions of the words on the page.

They weren’t very good at it.

And we’re not very good at it either. Nor do we often think intelligently about the world around us (instead relying on habits to get us through each day) which is a shame because doing so would maybe make us happier.

Free feel to chat to me.


One Comment on “Prac Crit”

  1. tashan says:

    i need help on prac crit it totally confuses me please help

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